Yes! You are doing something special this Christmas! image

Yes! You are doing something special this Christmas!

You decide: Building our minds, our hearts, or our bodies at TBAS

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Your help matters!

The Bridge Avenue School excellently educates previously unsuccessful students in 5th - 8th grade in Cleveland, Ohio. Our students have struggled in traditional classrooms and benefit from a small learning environment. Many students learn to read for the first time as middle schoolers at TBAS. All need extra support to be successful in high school and beyond. Like Sarah, who finished her high school program in 6 years and is working full time at a local drugstore, or Jaylen, who finished her high school program in less than 4 years, our non-traditional students take their own paths to success and their place in God's world.

In 2022, our students and staff work very hard overcoming pandemic setbacks, learning disabilities, ADHD & other neurodiversity tendencies, mental health challenges and academic inabilities. We appreciate your support to make our school the best learning environment to build the minds, hearts & bodies of our students.

This Christmas, we thank you in advance for your generosity & ask you to designate your gift.

1) Our minds - You will support hands-on learning activities including our newly-formed Lego Club & our long-standing literacy program.

2) Our hearts - You will support Mr. Aaron teaching biblical truth through scripture & stories. Our Advisory Program focuses on spiritual & social - emotional learning.

3) Our bodies - You will help provide daily hot lunch to all students through the TBAS Lunch Program.

Thank you for being part of God's transforming work at The Bridge Avenue School!